Month: February 2013

Stranger Than Fiction

Posted by – 02/07/2013

The Master & Margarita 22

Two things about two of my favorite Russian writers:

1. Collage artist Daniel Horowitz is doing a lovely job of illustrating every page of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. Keep up with the project here & read an interview at The American Reader.

2. A group of uptight literalists have vandalized the Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg on the grounds that Nabokov is a pedophile because he wrote Lolita.

master and margarita 10

Small Beautiful Elastic Mercurial Weapons

Posted by – 02/06/2013


This blog is becoming something of a Patti Smith shrine and here’s another memento for the altar: Patti reading from Virginia Woolf’s The Waves

& just because I love it so much, here’s a powerful rendition of Because The Night during a 1979 German concert. The look on that girl’s face in the front row? Rapture.

Roy G. Biv 2

Posted by – 02/02/2013

More rainbows, all from German photographer Matthias Heiderich.




Love Is A Burning Thing

Posted by – 02/02/2013


I’ve always enjoyed June Carter Cash’s version of “Ring of Fire” best. She wrote it about Mr. Cash who, of course, made it a huge hit with his own rendition. Got to wonder what June felt on the many nights she heard him singing back her words. Love and creativity make strange bedfellows. Take a listen.