Month: May 2013

Getting Up

Posted by – 05/09/2013


Recently, while discussing life/livelihood integration with a friend, I declared my three contemporary role models as astrologer Mystic Medusa, punk legend Ian Mackaye and artist/hustler David Choe. That last one, Choe, took some explaining. He’s your mother’s worst nightmare: sex addiction, gambling, jail time, prolific graffiti. He is exuberantly crude, wild and unfettered. But what makes Choe inspiring is that he does what he wants and he was doing it long before he made his mills. Life and livelihood are one continuum: He travels extensively, creates gorgeous art (like the horse pieces bookending this post) and has an unwavering commitment to personal freedom. If you have ever talked yourself out of some crazy awesome idea because that’s not how life works then you need to check every link below and pick up the Choe documentary Dirty Hands.

David Choe on Howard Stern. After detailing masturbation techniques, Choe lays out his history (from Japanese prison to Facebook fortune) and philosophies.
Parts 1 2 3 4 5

Thumbs Up. Three season Vice series following Choe and his main bud Harry Kim hitchhiking & train hopping around the U.S. and China. Powerful job-quitting juju.
Season 1 2 3

Choe + Anthony Bourdain. Choe rocks a red satin suit to Sizzler’s for meatball tacos then visits his awesome family for a Korean-Mexican dinner.

Ice T X David Choe on the power of “Fuck It”

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