Month: October 2013

Gold & Forgetting

Posted by – 10/19/2013


Argumentum E Silentio
Paul Celan

Linked in the chain
Between Gold and Forgetting:
Both grasped at it.
Both had their way.

Link it,
now you too link up what
wants to dawn with each day:
the Word star-overflown,

To each his word.
To each the word that sang to him
when the pack snapped at his heels–
to each the word that sang to him and froze.

To it, to night, the Word
star-overflown, sea-overflowed,
to it the ensilenced Word
whose blood did not clot when a venomed tooth
pierced its syllables.

To Night the ensilenced Word.

Against the others,
enticed by swindlers’ ears,
who’ll soon climb on time and seasons,
the Word at least testifies,
at last, when only chains ring out,
testifies to Night that lies
between Gold and Forgetting,
their kin for all time.

Then where’s
the Word dawning, tell me, if not with Night
in its riverbed of tears,
Night that shows plunging suns the sown seed
over and over again?

Image: Nocturne in Black and Gold by James Abbott McNeill Whistler